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$85  (including FREE standard shipping within the United States) 

Please let us know if you would like us to add a personal message to the Gift Box  


Gift Box dimensions: approx.  14" x 9" x 4.5" 


Our gift box includes the following:    


Jane Austen Cover to Cover 


  Brand new copy from publisher 


Emma’s Perfect Match™- Bingley’s Teas' Jane Austen Tea Series™

"This is an elegant, youthful green tea and full of romance for matchmaking, especially with the addition of pink rosebuds and rose petals.  Add to this, real dried strawberries very likely picked right from Mr. Knightley's garden! There is a ladylike hue, dare we say blush, to the steeped cup thanks in part to hibiscus which represents Emma's sharp wit and occasional sharp tongue. Altogether it is a blend even Mr. Woodhouse surely could not object to if taken with friends in the comfort of ones home." - from Bingley's Teas



Elizabeth Bennet’s Wit™  - Bingley’s Teas' Jane Austen Tea Series™

"A black tea blend created for a gentleman's favorite daughter. Her strong character and decided opinions are met with equal fervor for her tenderness of heart and affection for her sister and eventually, Mr. Darcy. In this cup we found a black tea with some strength of character was needed along with cranberries to represent her quick wit and sharp mind. The sweetness felt for her sister and close friends is found floating through the blend, putting one in mind of black forest tortes especially if adding a splash of milk. Mr. Collins would be enraptured, no doubt. However, you will have to decide for yourself if you are willing to part with a cup for any less worthy than your choosing."  - from Bingley's Teas


Captain Wentworth - Bingley’s Teas' Jane Austen Tea Series™ "This hearty blend of CTC black teas of Assam and Keemun, is our version of an Irish Breakfast Tea. Fit for sailor, gentleman or any breakfast table with a splash of milk. Do be careful, as this addictive blend may pierce your soul, however it will not leave you in half agony, only hope.. that someone will pour you another cup!" - from Bingley's Teas


Mansfield Morning™ - Bingley’s Teas' Jane Austen Tea Series™

"Imagine yourself in the breakfast room at Mansfield. The players of Lover's Vows are slow to the table after a night of practice and flirtations. Lady Bertram fussing over pug having made her way down a little late as well. Fanny steals glances at Edmund and the anticipation of the new day's diversions in front of them. A lively cuppa is wanted to match the feelings of the room, however caffeine is not necessary for all the same reasons. 

A bright, citrus forward blend of lemongrass, orange, lemon, grapefruit, basil, and ginger (to settle the stomach). Drink at any hour- caffeine free." 

- from Bingley's Teas


Marianne’s Wild Abandon™ - Bingley’s Teas' Jane Austen Tea Series™

"A blend of lively green and black teas with bright flower petals found from an obliging field and candied, passionate fruits; throw themselves together for an expressive combination! The taste in the cup is fruit forward with a touch of tartness."  - from Bingley's Teas 


Handsome Gift Box with Magnetic Lid (can be used as keepsake box)



Jane Austen Cover to Cover - A Jane Austen Tea Gift Box

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