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About our greeting cards.  Many years before we opened Century Books, Steve and I started a small greeting card company.  Steve drew cartoons and illustrations since the 1970s and I started to design handmade cards in the mid-90s so by 2002 it was time for us to share our designs with others.

In addition to handmade and traditional cards, we had a full line of hand-finished cards with delightful characters created by Steve.  Until we opened our bookshop at the end of 2011, our cards were sold in nearly 60 stores, including the L.A. Phil Store (Disney Music Hall), The Huntington Library Store, The Los Angeles Public Library to name a few.


 For the first time we are making some of Steve's designs available through our website.  Each card is hand-finished and packaged in a cellophane sleeve (please see pictures below).  By clicking on the design images you will be able to see details of the card, including size and options for the front message (i.e. Thank you, Happy Birthday, Blank (no text), etc.).  For a sample of a finished card, please see pictures below.   

Whether you send these cards to your friends, family or colleagues (or collecting them for yourself), 

they are sure to delight.      

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the setup involved in creating each card, our minimum order requirement is three cards

(mix and match).   


Thank you! 

Century Books

*(626) 344-6411

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